At Health Solutions we have the opportunity to treat and take care of many people including athletes, pregnant women, elderly and many others.

Marcelle K.

“Cold Laser Therapy was applied to my lower ribs and my right knee over a two-week period.  After the first session, my knee pain was reduced and I could climb stairs with little or no pain….”

Frank B.

“I had issues with my left knew, it became weaker and started hurting. I mentioned that to Dr. Kevin (in what I thought was in passing).  He worked on my knee as well as doing an adjustment on my back.  This adjustment on the knee WORKED!  To my surprise by the time I got home, my knee no longer hurt at all.  Still feels good.”

John F.

“…I’m happy to report that my pain is gone.  These days, I go every six weeks to get an adjustment.  I still get the occasional ache and pain.  If I do feel discomfort, I simply tell Dr. Kevin about it at my next visit.  I feel like a new person every time I walk out of there.  I truly believe that chiropractic care is the most natural way to heal a person’s body…”

Linda C.

“My tennis elbow is gone.  I had pain for over 2 months and Cold Laser Therapy gave me a complete recovery.  I did 8 sessions of Cold Laser.  I felt the improvement after the fourth session.  I was on anti-inflammatory meds for over 2 months and also in a wrist brace and elbow restraint before trying Cold Laser Therapy.  I was spending a lot of money on doctor visits before Cold Laser.  If I would have tried Cold Laser first, I could have saved a lot of money.  I will do Cold Laser as a first resort next time I have pain before going to a specialist.  I will use Cold Laser before taking meds or shots.  Cold Laser Therapy is done within minutes without pain or surgery.  I am truly impressed with my results. Thanks to Dr. Kevin and Dr. Trish for recommending Cold Laser Therapy for me.”

Peggy M.

“The pain in both feet was so extreme that it was extremely painful to walk and the pain in right hip would often wake me up at night.  Before Chiropractic, I tried 2 general practitioners, an Orthopedic Physician (including a Cortisone shot), a Podiatrist and 6 weeks of physical therapy.  Although I was initially doubtful, due to so many other efforts at relief, I am amazed at the results of Chiropractic care.  Dr. Trish helped me reclaim my feet and a great night’s sleep.  I can walk without pain, have resumed exercise and can even walk barefoot!”

Linda H.

“…Dr. Kevin has helped me in several ways-when I first started coming it was for chronic neck issues-which continues to be a work in progress-but I have had much relief from.  Another issue has been a problem with my ears.  Which they always felt like they needed to pop and I had a feeling of fullness which made it hard to hear and wasn’t going away.  After a couple of visits that problem was gone entirely…”

Sona P.

“I started going to Health Solutions on 05/21/2003, even though I was active and working as a flight attendant on my feet a lot, I suffered with a weak back.  Dr. Kevin and Dr. Trish had to treat me on several occasions because I could not stand or get in/out of a car.  With the expertise of these excellent doctors, I was on the road to recovery each time.  I tired rest when I could and Advil pain reliever.  Over eight years ago, I was diagnosed with Osteopenia.  Then after a few years it was Osteoporosis.  Just recently after seeing an Osteoporosis Specialist, she diagnosed me also with Arthritis in my lower back.  Per Dr. Kevin’s advice, I visit him monthly for a maintenance adjustment.  I believe this has been the solution for my back being stronger.  He also advised exercises specifically targeted for my back.  I would recommend going to a Chiropractor early in life as one would with a Dentist and Doctor.  I wish someone would have given me these advice years ago.  Of course I have the “very best” Chiropractors in the business.”

Beck W.

“Chiropractic has helped my with initially identifying problem and prescribing treatment plan—inflammatory response and pain in left ankle Achilles tendon area were relieved over several weeks.  I was experiencing severe pain and limited walking ability.  Before Chiropractic, I tried applying an ice pack and soaking the area.  I would (and have) recommend Dr. Kevin and Dr. Trish to my friends and family as a pre-injury (prevention) as well as a place to get help for symptoms and maintenance.”

Robert W.

“My primary complaint(s) were my back, neck, ankle, headaches, knee and foot pain.  Cold Laser Therapy was the only thing that helped my back, ankle and foot. However, chiropractic adjustments worked wonders as well. Dr. Kevin and his team genuinely care about your well being. They really try to get to know their patients and listen to what they want to get out of the visits. Before trying chiropractic, I had been to the ER and Specialists. They wanted to make drugs the solution. I did try some pain reliever pads, Advil and some numbing ointments. Now that I have tried chiropractic, I would say it keeps me less stressed, keeps me at the top of my game and relieves so much pressure and pain. If I didn’t go, I would probably be immobile. My daily life outlook has been so much better with all of the benefits of chiropractic work.”

Jim H.

“I went to Dr. Kevin after several doctors to help ease my shoulder pain, one year after surgery. It took just 3 months and my pain is completely gone. He took the time to understand what parts of my diet were causing inflammation and developed a plan which allowed me to recover and live a healthier, more pain free life. Thanks Dr. Kevin!”



Bruce D.

“My primary complaint was my lower back from bulging discs. Dr. Kevin’s care and treatments have generally eliminated the persistent lower back pain I had been having for months and allowed me to live a more normal life and go back to my routine. I had tried visits with orthopedists, medication for inflammation, pain killers, rehabilitative therapy, 2 epidurals under sedation, 2 hip surgeries and a low back surgery before coming to Dr. Kevin. Chiropractic has helped me tremendously. I would recommend it to people with back and joint pain, those not getting results from other medical treatments and people who just want to feel better in general, because of how it has helped me.”




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