“I started going to Health Solutions on 05/21/2003, even though I was active and working as a flight attendant on my feet a lot, I suffered with a weak back. Dr. Kevin and Dr. Trish had to treat me on several occasions because I could not stand or get in/out of a car. With the expertise of these excellent doctors, I was on the road to recovery each time. I tired rest when I could and Advil pain reliever. Over eight years ago, I was diagnosed with Osteopenia. Then after a few years it was Osteoporosis. Just recently after seeing an Osteoporosis Specialist, she diagnosed me also with Arthritis in my lower back. Per Dr. Kevin’s advice, I visit him monthly for a maintenance adjustment. I believe this has been the solution for my back being stronger. He also advised exercises specifically targeted for my back. I would recommend going to a Chiropractor early in life as one would with a Dentist and Doctor. I wish someone would have given me these advice years ago. Of course I have the “very best” Chiropractors in the business.”