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Whether it’s keeping up your weekly tennis match or golf round, playing with your kids, or simply unloading your groceries, our mission at Health Solutions is to help improve your capacity to perform and enjoy your life to the fullest! 

We are excited and ready to help you move, feel, and live better!

Our Core Beliefs

Functional Services


Optimize your ability to do the activities that you need, want, and love to do without being hampered by pain or injury.

Gut Nutrition

Inflammation is the basis for disease. The gut is most responsible for igniting the inflammation. Target suffering at the source, not the symptom.


Recover from chronic pain or injury through our functional rehabilitation approach.

Therapeutic Massage

Relax, rebalance, and rejuvenate with our professional, therapeutic massage.

Live the Life You Want

Health Problem? We have Your Health Solution!

Pain and loss of mobility can bring you down. Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to perform your daily routine, favorite activity, or job due to some ache or movement inhibition. Whatever the problem we have your Health Solution. Our goal is to return you to the life you want. Walking through our doors, you will feel the warmth, caring attitude, and reassurance that you have stepped foot in the right place!

We’re ready to help you live the life you want!

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Healing Comes from Within

Our tremendous confidence that we can help you restore your health comes not just from our many years of clinical experience and extensive training. More importantly, your body was designed with the amazing ability to heal and repair itself. Our focus is to help ensure that your self-healing capacity is working at its best. As functional doctors, we go beyond simply symptomatic relief. We are concerned with the root cause of your problems. This process maximizes your incredible self-healing ability!

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Client Testimonials

"I had issues with my left knew, it became weaker and started hurting. I mentioned that to Dr. Kevin (in what I thought was in passing). He worked on my knee as well as doing an adjustment on my back. This adjustment on the knee WORKED! To my surprise by the time I got home, my knee no longer hurt at all. Still feels good."

Frank B.

"My tennis elbow is gone. I had pain for over 2 months and Cold Laser Therapy gave me a complete recovery. I did 8 sessions of Cold Laser. I felt the improvement after the fourth session. I was on anti-inflammatory meds for over 2 months and also in a wrist brace and elbow restraint before trying Cold Laser Therapy. I was spending a lot of money on doctor visits before Cold Laser. If I would have tried Cold Laser first, I could have saved a lot of money. I will do Cold Laser as a first resort next time I have pain before going to a specialist. I will use Cold Laser before taking meds or shots. Cold Laser Therapy is done within minutes without pain or surgery. I am truly impressed with my results. Thanks to Dr. Kevin and Dr. Trish for recommending Cold Laser Therapy for me."

Linda C.

"The pain in both feet was so extreme that it was extremely painful to walk and the pain in right hip would often wake me up at night. Before Chiropractic, I tried 2 general practitioners, an Orthopedic Physician (including a Cortisone shot), a Podiatrist and 6 weeks of physical therapy. Although I was initially doubtful, due to so many other efforts at relief, I am amazed at the results of Chiropractic care. Dr. Trish helped me reclaim my feet and a great night’s sleep. I can walk without pain, have resumed exercise and can even walk barefoot!"

Peggy M.

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Drs. Trish and Kevin Vinzani are dedicated, knowledgeable and caring practitioners who are passionate about helping you on your journey towards regaining your health. The East Cobb area and surrounding communities have enjoyed their functional holistic chiropractic approach for over 27 years.

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