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Poor Gut Health May Be Why You Are Suffering Needlessly

Functional gut nutrition goes beyond symptom suppression and aims to identify and resolve the root causes of what ails you.

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Your Gutway to Health and Happiness™

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Why We’re So Passionate About Functional Gut Health

The Functional Gut Health approach gets to the root of the problem.

We believe, as many researchers and health practitioners do, that taking care of your gut is incredibly important for your health. The Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, predicted this more than 2000 years ago, admonishing, “Look to the gut for disease.” We have research and 27 years of experience to prove it.

Healing the gut was “MY” way to personal health transformation. Are you ready to discover “YOUR” Gutway to personal health transformation? Our own eye-opening results and experience with functional gut testing and healing have changed how we take care of ourselves and patients. We are very passionate about teaching others how to do the same. We would love the opportunity to help you find YOUR Gutway to Health and Happiness!

“Growing up into adulthood with chronic Gastrointestinal symptoms, I assumed they were “normal.” In 1999, I had my first ever Functional Gut Test, a Comprehensive Stool Analysis that proved otherwise. It uncovered a serious parasite and pathogenic bacteria. Following a tailor-made gut restoration plan, I can say, at 52, I have never felt better!”

Dr. Kevin

“Look to the gut for disease.” 

The Father of Medicine

Start Your Gutway to Health and Happiness Journey Today

Uncover the underlying causes of why you are feeling bad.

You could be just a simple stool and blood sample away from knowing what triggers your inflammatory pathways that are making you feel sick, achy, and tired. If you don’t know your causes, how can you take control of your health? You end up just chasing symptoms with pills or supplements.

Learn what foods are triggering inflammatory responses and symptoms with a DAT/Food Sensitivity Test. Then peek into your stool with a GI MAP, which provides detailed monitoring of intestinal permeability and dysbiosis, the two other primary triggers of gut inflammatory-related illness (see Triangle above).

Together, the results of these tests provide a unique gutprint of what’s happening in your GI tract. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, no two gutprints are the same. Your gut has a trademarked collection of microorganisms, called your Gut Microbiome. This living ecosystem of microbes must be healthy and happy for you to be healthy and happy. A GI MAP will determine this.

The foods you eat are the foods your bacteria eat. If they don’t like something you are eating, your immune system will alert you. A DAT will fact check this.

With the results of these two tests in hand, you now have your customized gutprint, or blueprint, to build and restore your health. The healing process starts with the gut…YOUR gut.

Now is the time to find YOUR GUTWAY TO HEALTH & HAPPINESS! We will support you all the (GUT)WAY!