“My primary complaint(s) were my back, neck, ankle, headaches, knee and foot pain. Cold Laser Therapy was the only thing that helped my back, ankle and foot. However, chiropractic adjustments worked wonders as well. Dr. Kevin and his team genuinely care about your well being. They really try to get to know their patients and listen to what they want to get out of the visits. Before trying chiropractic, I had been to the ER and Specialists. They wanted to make drugs the solution. I did try some pain reliever pads, Advil and some numbing ointments. Now that I have tried chiropractic, I would say it keeps me less stressed, keeps me at the top of my game and relieves so much pressure and pain. If I didn’t go, I would probably be immobile. My daily life outlook has been so much better with all of the benefits of chiropractic work.”