Cold Laser Therapy was applied to my lower ribs and my right knee over a two-week period. After the first session, my knee pain was reduced and I could climb stairs with little or no pain. My ribs responded well to the therapy, also, but it took a few more sessions because they were so badly bruised. Before Cold Laser Therapy, I tried NSAIDS (Advil/Tylenol), ice/heat therapy and a knee brace, which did help to a point, but recovery was slow and I didn’t see the results I wanted, as quickly as I wanted them. The Cold Laser Therapy helped my knee and ribs recover sooner than by just using traditional methods. When you remove the other remedies and only use the Cold Laser and it really works, you have to give credit to the effectiveness of the Cold Laser. If I have an injury in the future, I will get Cold Laser Therapy again. It worked for me and I would recommend it to others. Great results!!