Functional Nutrition

“Let food be thy medicine, thy medicine be your food”

-Hippocrates, the Father of medicine

The foods we eat can either positively or negatively affect our health.  They impact our energy output, hormone balance, immune system and the overall ability to heal and repair ourselves. In other words, our food choices can have either a medicinal or detrimental effect on the body. What a simple, yet powerful concept!

However, eating the right foods to feel, function, and heal at our best is just the beginning of the nutritional story. Equally important is “absorption.” Just because a particular food enters our mouth, does not guarantee complete absorption or utilization of the nutrients contained in that food.

 “Whether they’re from food or supplements, nutrients aren’t technically in your body until they’ve been absorbed,” explains Stella Volpe, PhD, associate professor of nursing. “Until absorption, things are just passing through.”

In light of this understanding, Health Solutions uses Functional Nutrition Assessments to determine one’s quality of digestion and absorption. Why? Because poor nutrient absorption is one of the main reasons for many chronic conditions, including obesity, that many people suffer with today.  Many Americans are not over weight, they are over fed and undernourished!  We eat well but absorb poorly. 

Your Inner Doctor needs nutritional support to perform its best work so you can perform at your best. Find out how we can help with a Nutritional Consultation today.



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